Somali Student Association

Connection, Culture and Sense of Community

                                                         SOO DHOWOOW (Welcome)   

 Welcome to the website of Somali Student Association at the University of Washington 

Ku soo Dhawoow websiteka Somali Student Association ee University of Washington



Who are we!

The Somali Student Association of the University  of Washington is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) made up of University of Washington students that are dedicated to improving cultural awareness on the campus as well as off-Campus. SSA strives to provide support for those who come from a common background and seek to nurture their curiosity about the unique culture and traditions of Somalia. The purpose of SSA is to provide its members and the greater Somali community with an understanding of our culture, traditions, and heritage. Our common goal is to create a positive image and perception of Somalia as a whole. We hope to accomplish this goal through our events, programs, and community outreach activities which allow members and the mass community to grasp a better understanding of Somalia.